A Day in the Life of Monarch Place

Excerpt from our Winter 2016 newsletter.  For this article and others, please click here: Winter 2016 Newsletter

I think that it must be difficult to imagine what life is like in a transition house, particularly if it is far outside the realm of your own personal experience. You might ask “what does a typical day hold for us?“ Well, there isn’t anything remotely like a typical day – but here is a glimpse of one day…

‘The house is full with 7 women and 5 busy children. Two of the women are preparing to leave in the next few days to move into their own places so we are in the midst of amassing house-hold goods to help them make a fresh start.

Two of the women just arrived today so are in the throes of crisis and trauma, one coming directly from receiving medical attention. The other three gals are beginning to implement the decisions they have made.

Our youngest child is a young baby. Our oldest child is 14. The phone has rung about 15 times and it just rang again as I typed this sentence! We have turned away 2 other families looking for help.’

Sound like a busy place? It is!

Supporting women and children to live free from violence continues to inspire us every day.