WINGS counselling service to meet needs

We have carefully reviewed a recent Transition Housing and Supports Program review conducted by BC Housing. This report indicates several things we have known for some time…

Firstly, timely access to counselling along with other services are integral elements necessary for women to be able to have real choices in dealing with the abuse they have experienced.

Secondly, this report also identified counselling services for women and children who have experienced violence as the most pressing need outside the transition house program. Current government funded counselling service providers have waiting lists of up to 18 months, which seems like a life time for those needing help today.

Thirdly, the report noted that approximately 83% of women who have experienced violence have never sought refuge in a transition house, often turning instead to informal supports such as friends, family and neighbours.

Unfortunately, this often restricts their access to other supportive services such as counselling. In response, we believe we are well positioned to launch a counselling service to respond to this need. Offered either in person, or via email or phone, we have several registered therapists on our staff who are both qualified and experienced to serve.

Appointments are available on a sliding fee structure at our downtown New Westminster office.