Monarch Place | Azure Place

Transition homes providing shelter and support for women and children fleeing domestic abuse.

At Monarch and Azure Place, our compassionate and experienced team of professionals are dedicated to providing empathetic and non-judgmental support to individuals facing crisis situations. We offer emotional support, crisis intervention, and guidance to residents, helping them navigate their journey towards healing and empowerment. As a fundamental aspect of our commitment to resident safety, confidentiality is strictly upheld, safeguarding their identities and locations from potential harm.

The length of stay at our facilities is 30 days, during which time we strive to equip residents with the necessary tools, resources and referrals to make informed decisions about their future. Our goal is to empower them to rebuild their lives free from violence and abuse, creating a foundation for a brighter and safer future.

“I feel I have been rescued from a stormy sea. You took me in, offered support and a chance for me to get it all together.”


These are emergency first stage transition houses for women and their children fleeing domestic abuse, in confidential locations in New Westminster and Delta. They are available to any women who meet our criteria. A 20 minute screening takes place over the phone prior to being accepted. They also offer confidential crisis lines available 24/7 for anyone who just wants to talk to someone about what is happening or needing info.